'Young Peoples’ Reviews': Tape Face

TAPE FACE 10 November 2016 The Old Market (TOM)
by Emma Thompsett*

The performer, Sam Wills, is 38 years old, from New Zealand and used to do Street Performance before he got sick of his own voice.
This drove him to put duct tape on his face and that’s how he got the name Tape Face. Tape Face is a stand up comedy with no talking, funny facial expressions and interaction with the audience.

The way the stage was set out looked like a house as well as a theatre’s backstage area, with a dressing table, stage door, exit, arm chair and window. The comedian was already on stage when the audience was walking in. The staging was amazing - it looked like my grandma’s house.

Tape Face picked many people to go up on stage to act out scenes with him as well as with other audience members. Tape Face even came all the way to the back of the theatre to pick people and I was gutted I didn’t get picked to go on stage. Tape Face was keeping all of us on our toes and we didn’t know what to expect next.

The whole theatre was filled with people as Tape face sold out his Brighton run. The atmosphere that was created in the theatre was mesmerizing. The music was really cool and the audience was up for a laugh.

Overall, the show was breathtaking, even though some of the acts were a bit risky and maybe a bit awkward. There were plenty of surprises but all I will say is “99 Red Balloons.”

Tape Face continues his current tour across the UK and Europe early 2017 and returns to London for an extended run 6 June – 22 July 2017.

*Emma Thompsett is a young person involved in the Audience Club project in partnership with YMCA DLG & Elise Phillips Dance.