Why JUST in time?


There is currently no free or independent weekly multi-arts dedicated paper in circulation.

Just IN TIME is invaluable for the arts enthusiast who wishes to choose their pursuit free of commercial influence; to catch the up and coming and cutting edge and to engage with discussions about contemporary artistic movement in dialogue with the world beyond.

In a world of fake news and media oligarchy, JUST in time is a wholly independent shot in the arm for the arts.  Gone are the five star reviews, and cosying politically and commercially influenced recommendations.  In place are informed and discursive listings and reviews of all facets of the arts. 




From the early 17th Century Fleet Street Coffee Houses, Cafes have been centres for exchanging ideas, stimulating debate and creativity. Of late however, you are just as likely to hear a request for a Wifi code as you are an impassioned debate on an exhibition, play or concert.   

Yet cafes are beginning to buck this trend, many shunning wifi in favour of conversation, harking back to the days of Pepys, Newton and Sloane. We seek to fuel that conversation in an environment where there is currently very little by way of literature.

Our paper will focus heavily on these cafes that seek to build communities of conscientious customers, keen to see the arts world within the wider context of their own society and culture. An independent, non-commercialised arts paper is perfectly in keeping with the trends we are seeing in independent cafes.

Coffee lovers are also moving away from corporate coffee and seeking a more tailored experience. An independent, festival style arts paper is perfect for this trend.

Lastly, unlike the pub industry that focuses on recreation, coffee is associated with creation or, more accurately, creativity. ‘JUST in time’ exchanges ideas at precisely the time a captivated coffee drinker seeks them.